About my research

My research was set in the context of the European Commission’s eTwinning initiative and it looked specifically at the use of eTwinning Learning Events (non-formal learning). It examined how the community influences the development of teachers’ competence in online collaboration and discourse, and it considered the contribution of social aspects and online moderation.

I am very grateful to my supervisor, Dr. Julie-Ann Sime from Lancaster University, and to my eTwinning soulmate, Tiina Sarisalmi, for their invaluable support. And to my examiners, Prof. Marilyn Leask from the University of Bedfordshire and Dr. Don Passey from the University of Lancaster, for their valuable advice.
Keywords: online learning communities; community of inquiry; online collaboration; content analysis; social presence; social ties; teacher training

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Online questionnaire

I've been working on an online questionnaire to solicit more in-depth feedback from the teachers who participated recently in the web 2.0 learning event. A test version of the questionnaire is available here; the real version should be launched this week, now that ethical approval has been given by the University.

I've focused my questions on the impact of social connections and the extent to which competences were developed. It is certainly a challenge to word the questions in such a way that present a choice between equally plausable and valid answers. It was also a challenge to find a way to present the questions in the way that I wanted, using the options available in the tool that I am using. I must say I am quite impressed with how simple FreeOnline Surveys.com is to use. And the results are presented in user friendly way.

I am looking forward to seeing the answers. Fingers crossed that a good percentage of participants respond.



  1. Dear Brian,
    I have answered the survey, as suggested by Ms Gilleran in her e-mail message.
    Looking forward to seeing the results,

  2. Many thanks for your support Daniela. I'll post a summary when I've had chance to analyse the feedback.


  3. I've just filled in the survey .... best of luck for your research.
    Antonella (Malta)

  4. Hi Brian!
    I've just completed your questionnaire.
    I hope I helped your survey.
    Stella Chatzara

  5. Thanks Stella, really appreciated

  6. 130 valid replies so far. Great response'

  7. Hi Chandra, please have a look at my report (http://holmesbrian.blogspot.com/2010/07/report-from-my-research-on-le-web-20.html) and let me know what you think.